Duluth East Invitational

Last Friday, the Duluth East cross country ski team hosted the 2016 Duluth East Invitational at Snowflake Nordic. I went with the intention of taking photos of every skier from every team. Although I got pretty close to meeting my goal, when I got home and put my memory card into the computer, I experienced a big reality check when I realized that I had over 3,000 images to go through. Part of the reason I came home with so many photos is that it was a ‘pursuit’ format race, where each skier races in the ‘skate ski’ technique, and then races again in the ‘classic ski’ technique. Pursuit races are really fun, but it also meant that I ended up coming home with more than twice as many pictures as I might normally have taken.

I’ve been taking photos of high school sports for a while, and I’m pretty fast at making basic edits, but even if I only spent 20 seconds on each photo (which is not realistic), that would mean 16 solid hours of editing. No breaks, no pauses and assuming that my eyes didn’t cross! I did a few super-fast runs through the photos to post a few pictures on the Duluth East team’s Facebook page, but I still had to go back through and find some of the highlight photos, which is what I’m sharing here:

I love high school sports – unlike in professional sports, there is a wide range of abilities. You get to see young women and men at the peak of their sport, and you also get to see kids who are out there to have fun. The results have been posted on Steve Duschene’s Timing website.

Oh – and have I learned any lessons from taking so many photos?

In fact, I have. Primarily, I’ve decided that my computer is getting a bit long in the tooth, and if I want to make better time editing, I need to invest in a faster processor and a better video card. Second, taking 3,000 photos might not be so bad… as long as you don’t have full day projects scheduled for the next several days right afterward!

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