Early January Sunset

I was out walking the dog tonight in Lester Park, when the sky started to whisper. I had my camera with me, so I started heading down along the Lester River to the mouth of Lake Superior. I’m glad I did!

At first, the sky was it’s normal blue/grey of a typical overcast day. Quite abruptly, it started changing to a beautiful-but-faint yell0w-orange hue. I took several pictures, and thought “This is pretty darn nice.”

That was when I saw a couple of folks in kayaks. People kayaking Lake Superior is nothing too surprising… at least, not in August. But early January? Well that’s not quite so typical!

You can just see them here, just beyond the mouth of the Lester River:


And here, you can see them quite well, with glorious backlighting:



I kept watching and the sunset went from ‘great’ to ‘really really great!’


Duluth is a pretty great place to live – in the middle of winter, on the same day, we can go cross country skiing, fat biking and kayaking.

I’ll take it.

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