Hidden Glensheen

Hidden Glensheen Preview

For the past several months, I’ve been working intensively with staff at the Glensheen Mansion on a project called ‘Hidden Glensheen.’ Hidden Glensheen will be an in-depth exploration of the many hidden, tucked away and inaccessible parts of the Glensheen Mansion that aren’t normally available for viewing by regular visitors. I’ll be sharing Hidden Glensheen photos from every room of the mansion and the outbuildings.

Today, we visited (among other areas) the Toy Room. In addition to several children’s toys and games, we found a beautiful old deck of cards, and although I plan to share more about this and other finds in the days to come, I wanted to share this photo right now.

It’s fun to imagine the Congdon family sitting around and playing cards with this deck!

So stay tuned, because there will be a lot of photos coming over the course of the next few weeks! Photos of… the Hidden Glensheen.

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