Junior Varsity & Junior High Championships

Spirit Mountain Nordic was the venue for this year’s Section 7 Junior Varsity and Junior High Championships. I photographed all the skiers on the Duluth East ski team (except for that one JV girl whose uniform looked just like the Mesabi East team’s uniform – I realized my mistake as she was right next to me, and yes, I could have taken a picture of her from the back, but I have long since realized that no one wants to see those pictures!).

The first racers were the Junior Varsity Boys, but we’ll start with a few pictures of various skiers warming up:

Next up were the JV Girls:

And finally, the Junior High skiers, both girls and boys:

It’s great to see the effort and determination in these kids. They do a great job, and it’s an inspiration for all of us. Even though they don’t all have the best technique, and even though they aren’t all super-competitive, they are out there grinding away. It’s good to see, and a reminder that a person doesn’t have to be the best at something in order to get out and do it!

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