Hidden Glensheen

New project: Hidden Glensheen!

After several months of working very closely with Glensheen staff, and wearing more protective latex gloves than I ever expected, it’s time to unveil Hidden Glensheen!

Hidden Glensheen is a deep photographic dive behind the ropes of one of the most spectacular and interesting homes in Minnesota. We will take an up-close look in every room to explore the things that most people don’t have an opportunity to see.

Every weekday, I’ll unveil a new room. Some rooms will be rather modest, and some rooms will have an amazing amount of treasures to share. I have tried to provide accurate context with all of the photos, but I welcome corrections or new details that will help tell the story.

With that, click on the image below to get started, and please enjoy… Hidden Glensheen!

Hidden Glensheen Aerial View

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