Northern Beacon

I follow the work of a lot of photographers to get inspiration, and the ‘headlamp shining into the stars’ picture is one that has always appealed to me.

A few nights ago, I left a nighttime meeting and saw that the stars were out in force. It was a cold night, it was relatively still, and I thought this might be a good time to see if I could make my own version of ‘headlamp shining into the stars.’

I visualized capturing the picture at the top of Hartley Park’s Rock Knob. I would get a few of the city lights, and I’d have the shutter open long enough that I could get some good detail from the trees surrounding Rock Knob. And lots of stars.


I think it turned out all right. I set the shutter delay for 10 seconds, which gave me time to run into place. Then, I had to hold very still for 2o seconds. One trick I used was to direct my heaving breaths up into the beam of the headlamp, which helped to define the path of the beam.

If I had it to do over, I’d probably head out of town. The city lights got washed out due to the long exposure, and the glow of the city lights really decreased how many stars were visible. I might also try to mask the origin of the beam of light. Maybe not – I can’t decide whether I like it.

It’s fun to get outside and experiment, and to experience the natural world right in our backyards.

This image is available for purchase without watermark, and in a variety of sizes and formats HERE.

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