Rock Cairn at Split Rock State Park

I was up at Split Rock State Park today leading a Day Tripper kayak tour. This was the tour where I accidentally dropped my phone in about six or seven feet of water. The water was pretty cold, but it was actually kind of fun, swimming at the end of October. And my phone survived, so all’s well that ends well.

I couldn’t spent too much time, but I did wander around looking for vistas or details (as usual).

I found a tree that was growing in a light colored tan rock, with dark grey basalt all around. After wandering around for a while trying to find a composition I liked, I found a sweet little rock cairn, and the composition found itself:

Photo of rock cairn at Split Rock Lighthouse by Bryan French Photography

I know that some people get grumpy about seeing these out in natural settings. The argument, I suppose, is that there are enough human-made things, and we don’t need them in our parks and out in the woods. Although I can understand that argument, I generally find these little stacks of rocks whimsical. When you find hundreds of little stacks in an area, maybe that’s going overboard a bit, but a single stack? I’m okay with that.

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